Our colleague, Ing. Mojmír Srnec, has been awarded as the Pressure Equipment Engineer of 2019 ("Tlakař roku 2019")

The Pressure Equipment Engineer of the year prize is awarded annually by the Association of Pressure Equipment Workers (ATZ), which brings together the operators, manufacturers, repair companies, assembly organizations, designers and inspection technicians in the area of dedicated boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, during the largest educational event TLAK (PRESSURE).

This year, the 19th edition of this event took place from 19 to 22 February 2019.

This prize is being awarded for an extraordinary contribution to the sector, for a long time significant work in a given field, and for such activity, that deserves professional attention and appreciation.

According to Mr. Petr Matěják, Chairman of the Association of Pressure Equipment Workers (ATZ), Ing. Srnec had been nominated for this prize as a recognized expert in the area of PED and ASME, and a long-term respected expert in the area of pressure equipment, and as an acknowledgment of his preparation for translation of the CABF document (European Conformity Assessment Bodies Forum - PED/SPVD) – Guidance for Conformity Assessment.

Ing. Mojmír Srnec,