STK a SME Karlovy Vary

STK (PTI) Karlovy Vary - Bohatice

The Technical Inspection Testing Station is authorised by the Ministry of Transport to carry out technical inspections of vehicles prior to their entry into service (e.g. after conversion, after individual import, etc.) and to carry out technical inspections and examinations of vehicles carrying dangerous goods specified in the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR).


  • We offer a comprehensive service in the field of technical inspections and emission measurement 5 days a week!
  • We sell environmental plaques for "low emission" zones in Germany, Austria




According to Act No. 56/2001 Coll., §47, paragraph 4, the driver of the vehicle is obliged to bring the vehicle to the STK for inspection with the wheel covers removed.

Working hours:




Mo - Thu

6:30 - 17:00

6:30 - 18:00


6:30 - 15:00

6:30 - 15:00



6:30 - 12:00

Receipt of the last vehicle 30 minutes before the end of working hours.

We recommend using the option of ordering for a specific day and time - ordered customers have priority over unordered customers on the agreed date.


Mob.: +420 720 023 691, please call since 6:30 - 17:00, otherwise SMS
STK/SME: +420 353 449 475

Emission measurement and STK on Saturday can be arranged in urgent cases by calling +420 353 449 475.

PTI offers:

  • Periodic Technical inspections of vehicles
  • Vehicle registration inspections
  • Vehicle inspections on customer's request
  • Inspections of imported vehicles, technical data extracts, vehicle builds and conversions.
  • Inspections of LPG conversions

Vehicle categories:

  • L - motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles, snowmobiles
  • M1 - cars and minibuses
  • N1 - trucks and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 t
  • O1, O2 - trailers for the above

The maximum height of vehicles must be up to 3 metres, the maximum width up to 2.15 metres. If your vehicle category is higher we will arrange an inspection of your vehicle at our truck PTI line in Sadová.

Emissions measurement:

We provide emissions measurement for petrol and diesel vehicles of all types and makes.

We also measure alternative fuel vehicles: LPG and CNG.

CEBIA - Authorized workplace:

  • We carry out inspections and issue certificates for vehicles with damaged (cut out) VIN stamping for the needs of vehicle owners when dealing with the traffic authorities with the renewal of VIN stamping.
  • The station carries out the verification of the origin of vehicles by the VINTEST system and marking of glass with a protective code by sandblasting technology, including entry into the OCIS - CEBIA database (SBZ OCIS, EUROVIN OCIS)
  • Security of vehicles against theft - AUTODOT OCIS
  • We perform VINFOTO for the needs of insurance companies on the basis of client coupons. (UNIQA).

Other services:

  • Vehicle inspections at the customer's request (outside of Act 56/2001 Coll. and its Decree 341/2014 Coll.) - assessment of the technical condition of individual groups or the whole vehicle - without registration in the vehicle registration form and without displaying an inspection sticker
  • Extracts from vehicle technical data
  • Determination of emission standards for vehicles (EURO 1 to EURO 6 categories)
  • Discounts for disabled persons - April
  • Consultancy (repairs, import of vehicles, etc.)
  • Joint events under agreement (traffic safety, vehicle issues, training, etc.)
  • Free reminder of the approaching roadworthiness test date on request at the vehicle inspection
  • Possibility of payment by card. 

It certainly doesn't pay to forget about PTI!

The new rules are strict. Up to 5 penalty points and a fine of CZK 5,000 - 10,000 and even the revocation of the driving licence for 6 months - 1 year!
Attention! The validity of the technical inspection expires on the day marked on the large technical licence, not on the last day of the month marked on the inspection sticker!
Come to the PTI on time!

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STK a SME Karlovy Vary - Osobní automobily - HROZNĚTÍNSKÁ 402/4, 360 04 KARLOVY VARY - BOHATICE
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Tel.: 353 449 475, 720 023 691