Services under TÜV NORD Systems – Ü-Zeichen

Certificate of conformity for products used in the construction industry in Germany
(Übereinstimmungnachweis, Ü-Zeichen)

The German mark for construction products Ü-Zeichen was replaced in the past by the European CE stair mark for construction products. In cooperation with our parent organization TÜV NORD Systems GmbH, Germany, we carry out the qualification of metal material manufacturers. After passing the audit and certification of the manufacturer, the materials will be CE marked. Such materials meet the requirements of the European directive for construction products.

These are products included in the List of regulated products for incorporation into buildings in Germany (BRL part A), which are marked with the Ü conformity mark. This product area falls within the scope of European Directive 89/106 EEC (CPD). If a European standard harmonised with the CPD is issued for a given product, the product is removed from the BRL Part A and bears the CE conformity marking.
Testing of the conformity of the product with the requirements specified in BRL Part A is carried out by TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. inspectors.
The certificate of conformity is issued by the test site TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co.KG.
The accreditation is limited to reinforcing steel and steel products.