Certifikace procesu správné výrobní praxe v kosmetice

Kosmetika – certifikace dle ČSN EN ISO 22 716


Certification according to ČSN EN ISO 22 716 Certification of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to ČSN EN ISO 22 716 is suitable for all manufacturers of cosmetic products. The manufacture thus demonstrates compliance with the GMP legislative, the stability of the manufacturing process and the quality of its products. Another important aspect is also a good corporate image in relation to domestic and foreign customers.

The scope of the certification cover the production, control and shipment processes related to cosmetic products. Individual aspects reviewed within the GMP process are:
• Personnel
• Premises
• Equipment
• Raw materials and packaging materials
• Production
• Finished products
• Quality control laboratory
• Treatment of product that is out of specification
• Wastes
• Subcontracting
• Change control
• Internal audit
• Documentation

Certification according to ČSN EN ISO 22 716 is a suitable complement to the ISO 9001 certification, but can also be carried out separately.

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