Type Approval Special Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Motorbikes

Type Approval Special Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Motorbikes

More safety with single vehicle approvals, sample inspections and type approvals

TÜV NORD supports you with the type approval of vehicles. Our competence reaches from commercial vehicles and their trailers to special purpose vehicles, busses, coaches and agricultural and forestry vehicles. We also have experts for self-propelled and trailed machines, motorbikes, quads and mobility-scooters. You can also use our expert knowledge for load securing and the testing of vehicle body strength. You will prevent damage to your reputation, keep control of any situation and will safely deliver your goods.

Our services for you

  • Inspection of vehicles, trailers and vehicle components according to national and international regulations
  • Tests according to the EU-frame-directive, the EU-multi-stage approval for vehicle body manufacturers, the EU-small-series and for special purpose vehicles
  • Preparation of technical reports and test reports for EU-type approvals or German national type approvals (ABE)
  • Assessment of vehicle alterations and preparation of expert reports as a basis for single vehicle approvals
  • CoP – Conformity of Production and documentation
  • Consultation and clarification of approval possibilities for new developments such as assistance Systems
  • Support with manufacturer’s documentation and during the approval process (Homologation Management)
  • Verification and certification of quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Active involvement in work groups of the EU and in national committees for the further development of technical standards and VDA and VDI
  • Static and dynamic testing of vehicle bodies according to DIN EN 12642
  • Testing of tarpaulins according to DIN EN 12641-2 and lashing points according to DIN EN 12640
  • Determination of friction coefficients according to VDI-directive 2700 sheet 14 or DIN EN 12195-1

You get competent support in the type approval of your vehicles process with our expert team.

Thomas Ameling (group leader type approvals Special Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles)
Mr. Rilian ZhuGeneral Manager of PC Mobility
PC Mobility

Tel.: +86-13918298066

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