Type Approval Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Type Approval Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Consulting, testing, inspecting and certification, all in one hand

As an accredited service provider, we perform single vehicle approvals, sample inspections and type approval tests. Independent to the size of your company – we will find the right solution for any challenge. That’s a promise. Give us a try.

It is a long process between the first flash of inspiration and the new vehicle in the show room. We support you from that first planning sketch. Flexible specialist-teams consult, research, test and will guide you through the paragraph jungle of national and international standards and regulations.

We offer you: Homologation support in all phases of the approval process, from initial assessment to the granting of the approval.

Ralf Schöffski (group leader Type Approval Passenger Cars and light Commercial Vehicles)

Our services

  • Consultation, assessment and testing to gain:
    • EC-type approval, national type approval
    • EC-multi-stage type approval
    • EC-small series type approval
    • National small series approval
    • Single vehicle approvals
  • Manufacturer’s information
  • Test reports
  • COP-series monitoring
  • Comparative testing
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