Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Economy Efficiency


  • Costs per turbine
  • Costs for installation
  • Costs for foundation
  • Access roads, crane site
  • Grid connection
  • Project development, site management
  • Costs for transformer and cabeling


  • Dept
  • Equity
  • Num. of dept investors
  • Dept conditions

Operational Costs

  • Insurance
  • Operation management
  • Maintenance, service
  • Land lease
  • Repairs
  • Fees for technical inspections


  • Energy yield brutto acc. to prognosis
  • Availability
  • Safety margin
  • Annual energy production netto
  • Feed-in tariff 

Possible Aspects of a Due Diligence

Assessment of plausibility of the energy yields (AEP) and wind potential prognosis or study

Plausibility check of calculated Annual Energy Production (AEP)

Assessment of plausibility of the certification documents of the chosen wind turbine type

Evaluation of technical risks of the turbine concept and technology

Evaluation of technical risks of the foundation construction Assessment of plausibility of the maintenance and service concept

Review of the interface management

Review of the building permit and its obligations

Assessment of plausibility of the soil assessment reports Profitability analyses on the base of the profit and loss account and the investment sum Review of the risks of the insurance concept

Contract assessment on extend and completeness

Contract assessment on legal content

Assessment Report with findings and recommendations

Contract Assessment on Extend and Completeness

Contract Assessment on Legal Content

Assessment Report with Findings and Recommendations