Technical Due Diligence

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Technical Due Diligence Procedure

IDO Service

Through technical interview, desktop review and on-site inspection, TÜV NORD explores the potential technical risks within the project scope which may significantly contribute to investor's decision making.

IDO covers the following risks

  • Compliance risks
  • Equipment related risks
  • O&M risks
  • Construction quality
  • System performance

On-site Inspection

As an essential part of TDD, the on-site testing details varies based on the planned schedule and requirements. Please refer to following recommended testing items and sampling rate.

Stage 1

  • On-site Inspection
  • Conformity Check
  • DC Degradation Test
  • IR Inspection
  • Energy Yield Review
  • Equipment Failure Detection

Stage 2

  • Repeat some tests from Stage 1
  • Design Review
  • Safety Assessment
  • Performance Ratio
  • Inverter Evaluation

Mr. Alfie Jiang

Product Development Manager
Renewable Energy Photovoltaic System

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