PV Module and Components

PV Module and Components


TÜV NORD Group possesses rich resources of photovoltaic testing laboratories in China Mainland, China Taiwan and Europe. Our labs with 100% testing ability of PV module and components are accredited in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 norm, equipped with most advanced testing facilities and top-class technical experts. The large capacity of testing facilities ensures your PV products could be tested immediately as soon as we receive them. Therefore the whole period of testing and certification will be shortened and your products become more competitive at global market in short time.

PV Module Testing and Certification

PV Module

Crystalline PV-Module

Thin-Film Module

CPV (Concentrated PV-Module)

PV Modules Intended for Building Integration (BIPV)

High efficient module (PERC, HIT, MWT, IBC)

Smart Module

Specified Testing for PV Module

Salt Mist Corrosion Test

Ammonia Resistance Test

SO2 Resistance Test

Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

Fire Test

Sand and Dust Test

Dynamic Mechanical Load Testing (Low Temperature)

Simulated Transportation Testing

LID Test

Annual Energy Yield for PV Module

Non-uniformity Snow Load Test


Qualification Plus Certification

Long-term Test

Customized Test

PV Components and Materials Testing and Certification


Junction boxes for PV modules (IEC 62790)

Smart-junction boxes for PV modules (IEC 62109)

Connectors for DC-application in PV system (IEC 62852)

PV cables (EN 50618)

PV Materials

PV glass

PV encapsulant material (EVA, POE, etc.)

PV ribbon

PV flexible front and backsheets

PV silicon gel, tape

PV frame

Silver paste for solar cell

Test for Backsheet

FSI testing for PV flexible front and backsheet

RTI testing for PV flexible front and backsheet

PD testing for PV flexible front and backsheet

Peeling test

Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIS)

PCT test

UV+ damp heat test

PV Inverter and Combiner Box Testing and Certification

PV Inverter

Safety requirement

Requirements for connected public low voltage grid

Requirements for connected middle voltage system for PV inverter

Requirements of Electromagnetic Compability

PV combiner box

IEC 62109-1

IEC 61439-1

IEC 61439-2

Fixed Mounts

TÜV NORD Standard

Solar tracker

IEC 62817

More Component and Material Testing and Certification

PV Component Testing and Certification






地面光伏组件设计鉴定和定型质量控制导则 (IEC TS 62941)

Why Choose TÜV NORD

One-stop Service, Multi-certifications

As a member of IECEE-CB scheme, our test report and certificate are widely recognized. Services from factory construction evaluation, building quality management systems to quality management and control, supplier management, defective products analysis and optimization, foreign market access analysis.

Customized Service

  • Outdoor degradation test
  • Production supervision
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Supplier rating
  • Third-party assessments service
  • Others