Distributed Power Station

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Photovoltaic
  3. PV Power Plant
  4. Distributed Power Station

Reducing asymmetry information risks

  • Information Consultancy
  • Procurement Consultancy
  • Technology Consultancy

PV Power Plant Finance

Technical Risks Management & Insurance Guaranteed:

  • Bankability
  • Tradability
  • ABS

Electric Safeguard

  • Process Management
  • Generation Revenue Risk Control
  • Energy Yield Review

Project Financing

The new financing mode is in line with international general pattern.

  • Record
  • Investment Estimation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Contract signing & construction
  • Make loans for procurement and construction
  • Energy yield assurance plan
  • Construction
  • Gridding


  • Partner: Financing institution (to provide found channel, capital risk management, capital withdrawal)
  • Manufacturer
  • Designing Institute
  • EPC & EMC company
  • Project development company

Mr. Jou Cao

Business Development Manager
Renewable Energy Photovoltaic System

8621 - 53855353 - 1581

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