Egyptian Pre-Inspection Program for NFSA

To import goods into Egypt, a Certificate of Inspection (COI) is required in order for goods to be released from the Egyptian ports in no time and without additional cost. All consignments imported to Egypt within the products which are subjected to the program “Foods & beverages”, require a Certificate of Inspection “COI” to ensure that products meet the required product standards as determined by the Egyptian standards & NFSA.

As a trusted partner of Egypt, TÜV NORD Integra is approved to support the NFSA Food program and perform a conformity assessment of food and beverage products.
Our role is to assess and verify the compliance of food and beverage that will be exported to Egypt in accordance with all regulations, rules and specifications approved by NFSA.

The conformity assessment program aims to ensure the safety and security of food and reinforce consumer and client confidence in the food control authority.


NFSA Conformity Assessment Process

TÜV NORD Integra provides efficient tailor-made verification of conformity services to help exporters comply with all regulations, rules and specifications approved by NFSA. These include:

  • Documentary verification
  • Assistance with Laboratory testing at NFSA approved laboratories in the country
  • Physical cargo inspection in the exporting country



NFSA List of Regulated Food and Food Contact products

  • Wheat
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Preserved and dried fruits
  • Oils and fats
  • Sugar confectionery
  • Chocolate and food preparations containing cocoa
  • Fruit Juice
  • Natural, mineral and soda water
  • Sugar
  • Edible-Oil
  • Rice
  • Nutritional dough and foods prepared from grains, oilseeds, and their derivatives
  • Food Contact Tools
  • Production Inputs (Includes raw materials, intermediate goods, additives, flavouring agents, processing aids)

In case of doubt, please contact us to determine if your products are subject to regulation.

Verification of ConformityTÜV NORD Integra

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