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    3. Fire test of textile

Fire test of textile

Test apparatus corresponds to standard IMO 2010 FTPC part 7 and EN 1101, EN 1102.

In case of IMO test the testing item is mounted on vertical metal frame with height of 220 mm and width of 170 mm. During preliminary test a 40 mm long flame will be directed towards the test item surface for 5 and 15 seconds from distance of 17 mm and towards the edge of test item from distance of 20 mm. According to preliminary test results the more intensive burning version will be determined and this type will be used to execute main tests. The free burning time, area of burning and charring will be measured plus melting and tilting will be observed.

In case of EN 1101 and EN 1102 test the height of frame will be 520 mm the speed of textile burning will be measured.

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Fred Haas

Head of the Fire testing laboratory
Mobile Phone: +372 53095962

+372 637 9306
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