Verification of Carbon Footprint of Product

Verification of Carbon Footprint of Product

Products refer to goods or services . CFP are the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that are the processes of raw material acquisition, manufacture, transporting, storing, consumer use, waste recycling or disposing of goods or services.

In order to quantify CFP, an ISO 14067 is under developing. ISO 14067 will support the assessment of life cycle GHG emissions of products, enable CFP to be reported and communicated to supply chains, consumers and other stakeholders, and provide a common basis for the comparison of results arising from the use of this standard.

Target groups for Verification

  • Conform with local legislation for GHG reduction
  • Need benchmark aimed at reducing GHG emissions
  • Communicating emission information to their supply chains
  • Avoid trade barriers such as carbon tariffs
  • Want to raise product profile by drawing attention to environmentally-friendly manufacture

Our services

  • Offering assistant for board of companies to establish CFP management strategy
  • Training the qualified personal in companies monitoring verifying and implement comprehensive and robust activities
  • Converting policies affecting the carbon market rapidly
  • Implementation specific risk management for products life cycle
  • Realizing Carbon Neutral
  • Granted Green Mark from authorities

Service Process of ISO 14067

Verification Order

Initial study: Product life cycle assessment including Document Review

Stage 1: Determine the scope of CFP and system boundary

Stage 2: Inventory analysis and interpretation review

Verification Report

Statement of Product Carbon Footprint