Product Certification Service

TÜV NORD product certification division ensures that your products are compliant with the region-specific regulations and standards in order to gain access to markets, commercialize your products and be able to compete.

Product certification activity is performed as a combination of evaluation of your products, process and services, review and final certification decision.

Conformity Certificates and marks ensure that your products comply with the minimum required safety and performance standards. In the world of ever-changing and complex rules and regulations, approaching a qualified body is a necessity.

As one of the leading Inspection, Testing, Auditing and Certification body in the Arabian Peninsula, we offer industry expertise and regional and global accreditation to most major standards and regional regulations with multi-disciplined pool of auditors. With a TÜV NORD certified product, our customers have clear benefit in their business both internally and externally. In addition, we also stand by and support companies and organizations from all sectors with our comprehensive know-how.

At TÜV NORD, we offer you extensive product certification services for a range of products. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of product certification services.


For queries regarding certification process, complaints and appeals, Impartiality policy and suspension withdrawal process, please contact us through the email: