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Founded in 1984, TÜV Middle East, is a subsidiary of TÜV NORD GROUP and is the leading center for Inspections, Testing, Assessments, Auditing, Certification and Training in the Middle East. With more than 250 experts in all fields, TUV Middle East provides its partners with an extensive range of services and knowledge going beyond inspection and certification requirements.

With a world class reputation for integrity and partner satisfaction, TÜV Middle East is committed to our partners and the community by delivering high innovative solutions to help our partners fulfill the growing demands of quality and safety while assisting in improving performance and encouraging social responsibility and sustainable practices.

TÜV MIDDLE EAST’s broad service profile and wide-ranging knowledge of regulations, standards, and markets helps you to ensure optimal performance, safeguard your brand, and reinforce your competitive advantage through inspection and certification.

TÜV Middle East W.L.L.

P O Box 46030, Office No.1, Floor M, Danat Tower A, Airport Road Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

+971 2 4411146
Fax: +971 2 4411147

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