Change Management

Course Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are enable participants to:

  • Analyse the sources and Importance of change and use it to plan for success
  • Follow a structured approach to managing change
  • Understand individual responses to change
  • Identify the reasons for resistance to change and explore ways to minimise these 

Course Purpose

To provide participants with practical skills to enable them to initiate and lead change in a positive and effective way.

Course Contents
  1. Fundamentals of change management  
    • Basics of change management
    • Importance of change
    • Understanding resilience
    • Understanding negative reactions
    • Easing the tension
  2. The change process
    • Steps of a change process
    • Analyzing the situation
    • Understanding the aspects of change
    • Choose and implement action
    • Motivating employees
    • Preventing failure
    • Monitor the progress 
  3. Adapting to Change
    • Understanding the transition process
    • Coping with Uncertainty
    • Managing uncertainty
    • Management of the new beginnings phase
    • Understanding communication guidelines 
  4. Successful Change Management Positioning [Individual &Organizational Level]
    • The three-phase Positioning Process -preparing for Change, Managing Change, Reinforcing Change.
    • Role of managers, supervisors and senior officers in changing. 
Who should attend ?

Individual contributors, Managers and Supervisors


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days