Amusement & Leisure Industry : Innovative Technology - Fun, Thrills And Safety

Amusement & Leisure Industry : Innovative Technology - Fun, Thrills And Safety

Higher, faster, ever more spectacular at the fairground speed is everything, and our job is to make sure the fun and thrills are absolutely safe. The precision machinery that drives the fairground rides has to work extremely hard and earn its keep. However, the electrical and hydraulic systems in the rides are subject to immense loads - and stability and balance are also absolutely crucial. Before the rides start operation, we assess them for safety and stability. Everyone benefits from this - the risk of accidents is minimised, and operating costs are reduced over the long term. 

Carrying the valuable freight of human beings and meanwhile providing them with joy and excitement means great responsibility. Manufactures and operators need to make sure that amusement rides are safe and run smoothly.

With TUV India Private Limited as a competent partner and independent third party involved in the process, compliance with standards and requirements is ensured and safety is maximized.

Our Services :

  • Design Review
  1. Review of Static Structure Calculation
  2. Review of documents for electric, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment
  3. Risk Analysis
  • Manufacturing Inspection
  1. Compliance check of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic system
  2. Dimensional, material, welding and visual Inspection
  • Site Acceptance test
  1. Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic safety device check
  2. Trail Operation
  • Inspection of Modification
  • Periodic Inspections
  • In- Service Inspections
  • Production Control
  • Prototype Testing
  • Type Approvals
  • G- Force Measurements
  • Dynamic Simulation

Benefits To The Customer

TUV India inspects equipment according to all major guidelines such as ISO 17842-1, ISO 17842-2, ISO-17842-3 and relevant national and international standards like EN or ASTM. We will be pleased to advise and support you anywhere in the world.

Inspection by TUV India offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced customer trust and confidence
  • Greater cost-effectiveness through safety and functionality
  • Minimisation of accident risk
  • Increase in certainty of legal compliance and reliability of your equipment’s, Rides and Parks.