PEMS - Mobile emission measurements at any combustion engine

Using our PEMS-measurement system you get mobile emission measurements for any application

You need reliable and realistic emission data! Using our PEMS (Portable Emission Measurement System) you conduct mobile emission measurements in real operation. Since 2004, TÜV NORD is intensively involved in precisely this subject, we were significantly involved in the development of the directives. We perform PEMS-measurements at almost any application of combustion engines on and off road.

We also test construction equipment, tractors, snow groomers or engines with maritime applications using our portable equipment. It is expected that emission measurements in real operation will be required also for non-road applications.

Further information regarding our PEMS measurements can be found here:

Our services

  • Mobile emission measurements using PEMS for any combustion engines
  • Measurement of fuel consumption
  • Comparative measurements of different drive train and emission treatment systems
  • Further reaching analysis, for example noise emissions
  • Result presentation using Geo-information systems
  • And many more