TISAX - Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange -Information security for the automotive industry

TISAX - Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange -Information security for the automotive industry

What is TISAX?

Companies in the automotive industry have to demonstrate at regular three-year intervals that they fulfil the required security criteria of their sector. The basis for this proof is the VDA-ISA catalogue of requirements issued by the Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA).

The VDA ISA catalogue comprises the key aspects and criteria of the internationally recognized standard ISO 27001 and additional lists of criteria, which specifically apply to the automotive sector, such as the involvement of third parties and the protection of prototypes. Furthermore, there is a fully developed and comprehensive audit and exchange mechanism. The audit and reporting processes ensure a high degree of comparability and transparency and thus strengthen the feeling of confidence of the respective customers who are therefore demanding to an increasing extent the attainment of the relevant TISAX labels to be a binding requirement. The TISAX online platform makes it possible for participants to exchange assessment data and at the same time makes it easier for participants and audit providers to get in touch with one another.

The body responsible for TISAX is the VDA and the ENX Association monitors the quality of the execution and of the assessment results. You can find the associated TISAX handbook here.            

The benefits of TISAX

  • To renew existing supplier relations 
  • To create the chance of connectting  new business through industry-wide recognition
  • To create price transparency for audit
  • To establish a common level of information security in the automotive industry
  • To save costs and effort with manufacturers and suppliers                

Our services

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