ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

What’s the quality management system?

ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management system and was issued by International Organization for standardization (ISO). ISO 9001 was developed with the purpose of being applicable for all types and sizes of organizations.

From the perspective of organizations' leaders, ISO 9001 is a post-strategy tool that enables leaders to have a strong, coherent, results-oriented management system so they can have competive advantages  in the market. Quality management system according to ISO 9001 is also the best tool to increase productivity, work smoothly according to the process, increase customer satisfaction and improve extreme profitability through superior quality of products and services generated by that management system.

The benefits for organisations/business when applying ISO 9001

  • Being recognized worldwide and the image of the Organization / Company on the market is improved 
  • Effectively controlling and stability of key processes
  • Promoting and standardizing good practices (experience) that arise within the Organization / Company.
  • More stable quality of products and services, reduce NGs
  • Effectively manage risks and reduce risks of business crisis.
  • More emphasis on organizational leadership, changes to management and corresponding training support for interested parties.
  • Planning and reviewing process will be applied to ensure that the management system is operated stably, effectively as well as identify new opportunities.
  • Assignment and remote management are more effective.
  • Controlling of suppliers, subcontractors and develop an effective supply chain management system.        

Values to our customers

  • Improving reputation and competive edge in the market                    
  • Achieving global recognition for products and services                    
  • Optimize occupational health and safety management