ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

What is energy management system?

The energy management system provides a model of a management system and usage guides to help businesses/organizations make energy plan and manage energy use in a systematic manner. The standard is designed to focus on improving energy efficiency, contributing to energy efficiency, and helping to control energy use.                    

ISO 50001 can be applied to any organization/business, regardless of its size. Energy management systems may be applied separately or may be integrated with other management standards such as quality management system and the environment management system. The energy management standard sets out the requirement for participating organizations to commit to improving energy efficiency on a regular basis. Certification of compliance with an ISO 50001 energy management system by an independent certification body is not a mandatory requirement of this standard.                    

The benefits of applying ISO 50001

For business                    

  • Enhance energy efficiency through energy management and certification, reduce costs and enhance company competitiveness in the market                    
  • Promote business improvement by using energy effectively, avoid wasting, eliminate fluctuations.                    
  • Expand business opportunities, enhance the image of the company from stakeholders, expand integration opportunities into the international market.                    
  • Consider energy consumption in the decision-making process for the design and procurement of equipment, materials or services.                    
  • Evaluate and prioritize to apply new energy-efficient technologies, efficient energy-saving opportunities            
  • Quantitatively determine the use of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the impact on the environment without affecting the operation process                    

For personnel involve in the system                    

  • Better understand roles and responsibilities; Better use of power consumption devices                    
  • Promote energy management practices and strengthen good energy management behaviors                    
  • Mobilizing the attention and efforts of every member in energy management activities from problem discovery, proposing measures to implementation, self-inspection and supervision.                    


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