ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

What is Environmental management system?

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management system - issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is accepted worldwide.

ISO 14001's goal is to create a management system for organizations to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This standard provides a standardized framework for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental issues.

The benefits of applying ISO 14001

Regarding environmental management:

  • Managing environmental hazards and damages
  • Raise employee's awareness toward environment
  • Demonstrate the organization's commitment to improving the environment issuse
  • Standardize the environmental management to be more professional and comprehensive                    


  • Compliance with official environmental regulations.
  • Demonstrate organization responsibility for the future
  • Enhancing the reputation, reliability, satisfaction, trust of customers and interested parties in the operation of the business                 


  • Cost savings related to the environment: waste costs, recycling, consumption, insurance costs.
  • Preventing possible environmental incidents.
  • Efficient use of resources, saving environmental accounting costs
  • Reduce energy consumption.               

Values to our customers

  • Improving reputation and competitive edge in the market                    
  • Achieving global recognition for products and services                    
  • Optimizing environmental management