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Certification saves energy costs

Certain tools are available to energy-intensive manufacturing companies in order to reduce costs. One possibility is certification of the energy management system by an independent body such as TÜV NORD.

Reducing energy consumption, emissions of greenhouse gases and stimulating forms of renewable energy are worldwide priorities. Energy prices are increasing as a result of the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels.

These developments have led to a growing and urgent need for an international standard for energy management.

ISO 50001 Standard supports organizations in developing systems and processes for improvement of their energy efficiency. Certification according to the standard demonstrates that the necessary requirements are fulfilled.

Energy is a critical part of commercial processes and energy costs are a substantial cost centre within organisations, irrespective of the activities they actually carry out. An individual organisation cannot influence energy prices but, despite this, can improve energy performance and realise a reduction in energy consumption and save costs.

In addition to cost savings, companies with ISO 50001certification can show customers, investors and shareholders that they are making a positive contribution to reducing the use of energy resources and helping to limit global warming.

The route to Certification:

Among others, the following requirements have to be met for certification according to ISO 50001:

  • Definition of the scope of the energy management system
  • Formulation of the energy policy and communication to the workforce
  • Naming of those responsible for energy within the company and of energy representatives
  • Establishment and evaluation of energy aspects
  • Determination of characteristic figures
  • Determination and monitoring of energy consumers
  • Evaluation of current energy consumption
  • Determination, optimisation and documentation of energy-relevant processes
  • Performance of energy audits and management reviews
  • Identification of energy-saving potentials
  • Continual improvement of energy performance

At the start of the process, the TÜV NORD audit team establishes the certifiability of the company (Stage 1 Audit). The certification audit (Stage 2 Audit) then follows in order to assess the conformity of the energy management system with the requirements of ISO 50001. This Stage 2 audit includes documentation review, meetings with employees and evaluation of the company processes.

The benefit for companies:

  • Possible tax reliefs
  • Identification of possible savings potentials
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved sustainability (resource efficiency)
  • Image enhancement and greater market opportunities

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