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Reporting System

TÜV UK’s web based reporting system allows in-service inspection customers the facility to review and optimise their schedule layout to match their own requirements; schedules can also be exported from the reporting system at any time. A simple colour coding provides customers with a quick and easy view of the status of their schedule; overdue items are highlighted in red, any item that is not available for examination is highlighted in orange. The reporting system provides quick and easy access to current and historic reports of thorough examination for the life of the in-service inspection contract and the facility exists to upload documents associated with equipment.

For example a test certificate, an urgent defect report, a copy of a declaration of conformity or other relevant information can be uploaded; the only requirement is that the document must be in PDF format.
A user manual is available to provide the simple instructions necessary to operate the customer’s section of the reporting system but in any case training can always be provided. Finally we are always looking to make improvements to our systems and the contributions of our customers are an important part of this process so if they can see an area for improvements we would always encourage them to let us know.

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