UKCA Marking of Structural Metallic Products and Ancillaries

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TÜV UK Limited can provide Approved Body services which allow manufacturers to comply with UK Construction Product Regulations and apply UKCA marking for the following:

Structural metallic sections/profiles: hot rolled, cold formed or otherwise produced sections/profiles with various shapes (T, L, H, U, Z, I, channels, angle, hollow, tubes), flat products (plate, sheet, strip), bars, castings, forgings made of various metallic materials, unprotected or protected against corrosion by coating (to be used in metal structures or in composite metal and concrete structures). The applicable product standards are:

  • EN 10025-1:2004
  • EN 10088-4:2009
  • EN 10088-5:2009
  • EN 10210-1:2006
  • EN 10219-1:2006
  • EN 10340:2007/AC:2008
  • EN 10343:2009
  • EN 15048-1:2007
  • EN 15088:2005

Structural metallic products and ancillaries, the applicable product standards are:

  • EN 1090-1:2009
  • EN 1090-1:2009/AC:2010
  • EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011

Welding materials (for uses in structural metallic works), the applicable product standard is:

  • EN 13479:2017

Structural connectors: metallic rivets, bolts (nuts and washers) and H.R. bolts (high strength friction grip bolts), studs, screws, railway fasteners (for uses in structural metallic works). The applicable product standard is:

  • EN 14399-1:2015

With our sister companies in the EU we can also support CE marking requirements for all of the above standards.

The services we offer:

  •  A suitable application of the legal requirements for your construction products
  • Manufacturer certification according to any of the above applicable Standards by TÜV as an independent, accredited and notified body
  • Manufacturer’s WQMS compliance assessment and EN ISO 3834 certification
  • QMS assessment and ISO 9001 certification

Your benefits:

  • TÜV UK and assessors of TUV NORD International with the advanced knowledge of the relevant standards, regulations and specifications.
  • Certification is valid as long as compliance is demonstrated during audits and contractual agreement is still valid. (FPC assessment to system 2+)
  • EN ISO 3834 certificates are valid for five years subject to yearly audit visits by the certification body TÜV UK Ltd.
  • Manufacturer’s certification as part of a quality management audit according to EN ISO 9001, which also offers additional benefits.

Validity of Certificate


To check the validity of a certificate issued by TÜV UK Limited please email or click on the Ask your question box below and select Certificate Validity.


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