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in legally correct form as this will appear on the ESOS compliant report)

If the Invoice Address is different to main address, fill in the fields on the next page.

Company Details

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Compliance Requirements
Are any of the processes / activities covered within this scope outsourced (e.g. Design, manufacturing, installation etc?)*

Breakdown of activity by location: Please list all of your main divisions below . The details provided below are per site and office and will allow us to understand the number of sites and offices to be visited based on risk analysis.

If there are more divisions, please create a file and upload it.

Required Information

Please give us an idea your organisation’s readiness for ESOS Compliance

Do you have ISO 50001 in place?*
Does your ISO 50001 certification cover energy use in building and process as well as transportation?
Have energy audits been carried out previously?*

If yes, please provide scope and year of audit.

Energy data availability *
Other Compliance Schemes
Do you comply with any other scheme such as CRC, EU ETS, Mandatory Green House Gas Reporting?*
Do you report to the CDP?*
Will you be using verified data from any other scheme for ESOS compliance?*
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I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and (if applicable) by submitting this form it is acknowledged that the certification subject of this transfer request is not currently suspended and there are no current engagements of the organisation with regulatory bodies in respect of legal compliance

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