Integrated Management Systems

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Summarising and Interlinking

An integrated management system (IMS) is a management system that integrates all of an organisation's systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling an organisation to work as a single unit with unified objectives.

Different management systems often exist alongside each other within the same organisation. This can result in additional pressure and conflicting requirements that can make it difficult to have a clear understanding of the business needs. Specialised management systems for different company areas often cover identical company functions and processes. This can all become apparent when all the company operations are interlinked in an integrated system; such streamlining also helps reduce costs. Adopting an IMS provides a clear cut picture of all aspects of an organisation, how they affect each other, and their associated risks. There is less duplication, and it can become easier to adopt new systems in future.

TÜV UK / TÜV NORD offer the integration of the following Standards:

  • Quality Management according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management according to ISO 14001
  • Occupational Safety Management according to ISO 45001
  • Aviation and Aerospace according to AS 9100, AS 9120, AS 9110

Next to lowering costs by avoiding overlaps, IMS Certification offers many more benefits: Competitiveness is boosted and many barriers that impede access to markets are overcome, confirmation by a recognised, neutral certifier enhances the company’s image and can be used as an effective marketing tool. Customer bonds are strengthened and it becomes easier to win over new customers.

Internally, an integrated management system allows more effective verification of the company’s own quality standards and an objective assessment of one’s own know-how. A continuous process of improvement is initiated which reduces faults and their associated costs, and staff motivation is increased. With an integrated system, your organisation becomes a unified whole, with each function aligned behind a single goal improving the performance of the entire organisation.

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