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    1. Application Form

Information provided will be used for the evaluation of the audit time in our quotation and assignment of competent assessors. Please complete all boxes. Insert N/A if the answer is not applicable. If you are an existing client, applying for Extension to Scope of registration, or Recertification, please indicate any changes/additions only (i.e. additional sites, activities, management systems etc.) in the relevant sections.

Company Details

in legally correct form as this will appear on the Certificate

If the Invoice Address is different to main address, fill in the fields on the next page.

Company Details

If Invoice Address is different to Main Address, please fill in below.

Certification Requirements
Please tick below what certification services you are requesting against the Standard(s) *

If you are applying for Extension to Scope, please define the type of extension:

Are you applying for an Additional standard(s)?
If yes, show the new Standard(s) required:
Would you like to have an Integrated Management System (IMS) audit?
If yes, show the Standards covered by the IMS:
Is the IMS fully integrated?
Are you applying for New site(s) and/or processes?

If yes, please show in the Main Processes/Activities table below, including number of staff and shifts.

Do you require a transfer from another Certification Body?

If yes, please send us a copy of your certificate and the last 2 audit reports.


Business activity to appear on Certificate

Are any of the processes/activities covered within this scope outsourced (e.g. Design, manufacturing, installation etc?)

Please give us an idea of the readiness of your Management Systems for Certifications

Have management reviewed the system?
Have internal audits been done?
Are any exclusions to the Standard clauses requested? (e.g. 7.3 design)

ISO 14001 Information Required

EMS contact, if different from the one shown in Section Company/Organisation Details

OHSAS 18001 Information Required

Health and Safety contact, if different from the one shown in Section Company/Organisation Details

Additional Information
Do you comply with specific laws/regulations, directives, government schemes, guidelines or standards relating to your service/product?
Are there any special safety requirements or security clearances needed to visit your site(s)? (e.g. MoD clearance)
Have you employed a Management Systems Consultant?
Please tick if you would like more information of the following:
Document Completion



I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and (if applicable) by submitting this form it is acknowledged that the certification subject of this transfer request is not currently suspended and there are no current engagements of the organisation with regulatory bodies in respect of legal compliance

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