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Well prepared for BS 10012?

In today’s data driven world every company faces risks regarding its personal data and information.

With a BS 10012 certification you can prevent your organisation against these risks.

You can find a checklist below with valuable tips for your BS 10012 implementation.

How to implement a BS 10012 PIMS

  • Inform your top management and get their commitment
  • Inform the entire staff about your purpose
  • Check if your existing processes and procedures align with BS 10012 requirements
  • Seek feedback from customers and suppliers concerning your current
  • Personal Information Management Processes
  • Assemble a project team with a competent project leader.
  • Create a project plan that includes roles, responsibilities, actions, a detailed time plan and goals
  • Establish PIMS objectives and design a PIMS policy
  • Build and train the necessary competence to implement and manage the PIMS
  • Motivate your project team with effective training
  • Train internal auditors
  • To ensure continuous improvement audit your BS 10012 system
  • Do a gap analysis and ensure the alignment of your processes and procedures with the requirements of the BS 10012 standard
  • Apply for certification with a competent certification body

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