Energy audit and energy certification of buildings

Assessment of energy efficiency of buildings is carried out in accordance with requirements of the Law on energy efficiency of buildings. Within the framework of the energy audit an independent expert conducts a survey/investigation of the building, analyzes historical energy consumption data, makes necessary measurements, evaluates operation of engineering and technical communications of the building (heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water systems, etc.), determines measures that must be taken to enhance energy efficiency of the building. Within the framework of the energy audit in accordance with Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 348 "Method for calculating energy efficiency of a building", a model is developed for calculating energy consumption of the building. This model allows to accurately determine savings from extant programs/measures directed to energy efficiency enhancement.


Energy audit of the building allows to accurately assess potential for reducing energy consumption of the building both from the insulation of building's limiting structures and from changes in habits of inhabitants and other similar measures. Detailed energy audit of the building is a mandatory requirement for obtaining co-financing for reconstruction of the building by the European Structural Funds.


After the energy audit of the building there is an energy efficiency certificate issued, which confirms energy consumption and energy efficiency of the building. Energy efficiency certificate can be issued for both existing and planned buildings:


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