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    3. MD (Machinery Directive)

To ensure that safety requirements are reliably fulfilled, plant, machinery and safety components may only be put into circulation in the European Union if they fulfil the stipulations of Machinery Directive 2006/42/

TÜV NORD Korea offers a wide range of services so that manufacturers and operators can be sure that they comply.

TÜV NORD is a Notified Body for CE testing according to the Machinery Directive. We can provide coaching for the necessary conformity assessment procedure which obligates the manufacturer to provide information about relevant standards and regulations, describe the necessary procedure, evaluate the risk assessment and put together the necessary documentation.

Importers and traders of machinery without a valid CE marking are also considered to be manufacturers and also have to ensure the conformity assessment to guarantee that their activities are legally compliant. Any possible obstacles in the way of placing a product on the market can be recognised and eliminated at an early stage.

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