Data Protection

General Rules

TÜV NORD Korea establishes and releases personal information policy as follows to protect personal information of its clients and process relevant complaints promptly and smoothly according to article 30 of ‘Law of Personal Information Protection’.

TÜV NORD Korea informs what kinds of measures are taken to protect personal information and how clients’ personal information is used through personal information policy.

Agreement for Personal Information Collection

TÜV NORD Korea arranged procedure for clients to click ‘agree’ or ‘not agree’ buttons for INCOK homepage utilization provisions. Pressing ‘agree’ button is considered as clients agreed personal information collection.

Objectives of Collecting and Using Personal Information

TÜV NORD Korea homepage collects minimum level of personal information which is necessary for service use. The specific objectives of collecting and using personal information in each item are as follows.

E-mail address, telephone No. : Smooth communication channels acquisition to settle complaints such as notices delivery, new service and news, events information guidance, etc.

Other Options : Data required to provide customized services

Reading/Revising Personal Information

Clients may read or revise clients’ personal information registered at any time. When client want to read or revise her/his personal information, please contact information administrator (by written paper, call, or E-mail) for prompt response.

When correcting personal information is asked, the relevant personal information is not used before correction will have been completed. In addition, when wrong personal information is already provided to the third party, the corrections for the wrong personal information should be done promptly and notified to the third party without delay.

Agreement Withdrawal for Personal Information Collection, Use, and Provision

Clients can withdraw what clients have agreed for Personal Information Collection, Use, and Provision at any time. Please contact personal information administrator (by written paper, call, or E-mail) to withdraw agreement for necessary measures.

Tenure and Utilization Term for Personal Information

TÜV NORD Korea homepage destructs personal information collected upon client’s request in nonrenewable way in no time. (It directs the third party to destruct it when it was released to the third party.) However, personal information is retained in case of the followings during clarified periods.

  1. Transaction statements and minimum basic information are kept during legal tenure when necessary by legal regulations or laws; commercial law, etc.
  2. Personal information should be retained by individual members’ agreements or for valid tenure, notifying it to the clients.

Personal Information Collection by Cookie

TÜV NORD Korea homepage operates cookie which saves and finds clients’ personal information on occasion. Clients’ personal information which TÜV NORD Korea homepage collects through cookie is used for the following objectives.

It analyzes log-in frequency and visiting time of members and guests on TÜV NORD Korea homepage. It also identifies users’ tastes and interests to use results as standard for target marketing, service restructuring, etc. They are used to provide differentiate application chances for diverse events and information fit to personal interest.

Clients may choose to use cookie. Clients may allow all cookies to be used by selecting [tool]>[internet option]>[security]>[user definition level] on clients’ web browser. Or clients may allow each cookie to be checked whenever it is saved. Or clients may refuse to save cookies.

The Person in Charge of Personal Information Administration & Opinion Collection/Complaints Settlement

To protect clients’ personal information and settle relevant complaints, TÜV NORD Korea homepage manages clients’ personal information by the administrator in charge. It also operates windows for clients to raise opinions and complaints.

Please contact the administrator in charge of personal information below when inquiries or complaints relevant to personal information for prompt response. The results of clients’ inquiries will be notified respectively.

Person in charge of personal information management
Last Name: Hwang In-pyo
Cattle Speed: IT
Job title: IT Service Engineer