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With over 10,000 employees in more than 70 countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa, TÜV NORD GROUP is actively committed to its national and international customers. Its broad certification service and testing/inspection portfolio encompass both specific individual tests/inspections and also management of complex safety solutions.

Making Our World Safer

With world leading Service provider TÜV NORD GROUP on our back, TÜV NORD Korea & INCOK provides not only inspection services but also the certifications according to International standards where our customers’ demands are at. Our service quality is monitored and supported by TÜV NORD GROUP. TÜV NORD’s corporate center innovation has been working on INNOVATION with advanced technology and implementing into inspection service already. With us, innovative inspection method can be used for your project to bring you better quality and higher satisfaction.



TUV NORD Korea Ltd. Was founded in 1996 and provides well-founded technical knowledge in all areas concerning the certification of product, system, nuclear and mobility, including certifications according to national and international management systems, technical evaluation and testing of products, machinery and automotive components.


No.1 Inspection Company in Korea

Since its establishment in 1964, INCOK (The Inspection Company of Korea) has conducted inspections and certifications for various types of equipment and facilities both at home and abroad, satisfying the requirements of pertinent regulations, as well as our customers’ need for high quality service. Becoming member of TÜV NORD GROUP in 2006, the best technology service provider in the world, TÜV INCOK provides more comprehensive and satisfactory services to our customers.

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