History proves our value

Being the pioneer of inspection company in Korea for over 50 years means more than the period itself. Recovering from Korean War, 1960s were the time that Korea began to revive its economy in every areas. For last 50 years, TÜV INCOK took responsibility in safety of every industrial facilities in Korea. If you are looking for the most reliable business partner in Korea, your choice with us will never fail you.

Known before inspection

We prevent risks and problems even before the inspection. We have collected data on inspection results since 1994 for each item and by each manufacturer that TÜV INCOK’s inspection experience lies on. The analyses of the data for each item on each manufacturer are assessed and reviewed by our inspectors prior to the inspection service. Based on the data, our inspectors communicate with manufacturers on what to carefully prepare before the inspection, to reduce fail rate and to keep your project schedule on time with high quality service.

Our inspection services include

  • Material testing
  • Welding inspection & testing
  • Dimensional and visual inspection
  • Assembly inspection
  • Function and performance testing
  • Pressure and load testing
  • Coating or painting inspection
  • Packing inspection
  • TPI shop inspection (3rd party inspection)
  • Documentation review


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