Ensure quality on time

Your delivery schedule is secured with our expediting service. Our expediting service adds value to your projects through the inspection and assessment of manufacturers and their production plans and capacity. Our experts provide you the experience and knowledge to ensure that your project remains on schedule. We get and recheck delivery promises from your suppliers. Our comprehensive expediting services help you to avoid delays and ensure compliance with contractual conditions and specifications as well as applicable international codes and standards.

The best expediting service in Korea

As a leading expediting service provider, our proven reputation is based on over 50 years of experience in Korea as well as many parts of the world, serving clients in all industries. Our worldwide network enables us to assess vendors and their production plans for you.

Our expediting services include

  • Expediting visits
  • Monitoring the dispatch of material
  • Coordination of expediting
  • Inspection
  • Reporting

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