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Course Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are enable participants to:

  • Participants should be able to understand the study of stress and its impact
  • List tactics for successful stress management,
  • Techniques for interacting with difficult people, employ physical and mental techniques for coping with stress

Course Purpose

The workshop focuses on day to day stress challenges and techniques to combat and manage the stress.

Who should attend ?

People at all levels in the organization

Course Contents

  • Identify sources and symptoms of stress 
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Build on tips for lifestyle changes & Ergonomics 
  • Understand what is cognitive reframing and develop techniques for the same that can help manage guilt, emotions & stress
  • Develop skills for assertiveness to manage stress in interpersonal relations
  • Identify ways to keep a positive attitude
  • Create a response plan for stress in their personal and professional live


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


1 Day


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