Stepping into Leadership

Course Objectives

  • Program will provide managers with a practical roadmap for developing their leadership skills and increasing employee morale and productivity.
  • Journey to discover how to achieve the highest level of performance from their team by adopting appropriate leadership styles to match the needs of different individuals and different situations.
  • Equip participants with the leadership skills necessary to motivate their employees in the most productive way possible.  
  • It will also create individual awareness and action to face changes positively.
  • Focus on Vision, Mission and Goal setting, Decision-making and problem solving, Conflict resolution, Coaching and empowering teams 

Course Purpose

To provide participants in leadership roles with practical skills to enable them to build and maintain constructive working relationships and so increase the opportunities for greater success.

Who should attend ?

Middle Managers

Course Contents
  1. Leadership Vs Management : The important difference
    • Qualities & Values of a leader
    • Authenticity, Character & Integrity of a leader
    • Practicing the art of leadership
  2. Building Teams and Positive Motivation
    • Building high performing teams
    • Motivating through positive reinforcement
    • Instilling trust in teams
    • Understanding Stages in team development & Identifying the leader’s role at each stage
  3. Adaptive Leadership
    • Understanding adaptive leadership
    • Identifying & adapting your own leadership style
    • Identifying & working with diverse follower styles
  4. Handling Conflict Situations
    • Understanding why conflict is necessary
    • Identifying conflict management styles & appropriate situations to use them
    • Handling difficult people: Techniques & tools 

Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course. 


2 Days