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Course Objectives

  • Enable participants to solve problems by clarifying the real issues and road-blocks, minimize conflict and build group commitment, influence others and motivate them to profitable action
  • Give criticism when necessary and praise to produce results
  • Make trade-offs without being a pushover on big issue
  • Implement plans without strong-arm tactics
  • Develop credibility based on respect and trust

Course Purpose

This is a highly interactive, experiential learning workshop designed especially for fostering teamwork, cultivating leadership qualities and obtaining tools and techniques for better interpersonal skills.

Who should attend ?

Junior to Senior Managers

Course Contents

  1. Self awareness and understanding yourself before others
    • What kind of a team player are you?
    • What is your predominant personality type
    • What are strengths and weaknesses
  2. An effective team
    • Performance characteristics of effective teams
    • Stages of team development
    • Importance of initiative, leadership, strategy, communication and coordination
  3. Experience team dynamics
    • Develop interpersonal skills to build a climate of trust and cooperation
    • Develop a systematic and positive approach to interpersonal communication in teams
    • Identify attributes of effective leadership
  4. Conflict Management
    • What is conflict and how can it be good
    • Managing conflict and styles of conflict management 


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days


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