Customer Relationship Management

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the strength of your relationships with your clients
  • Growing the size of client projects, to ensuring projects run smoothly.
  • This workshop enables you to get greater clarity on what your customers want and what they value about their relationship with you.
  • It helps you in getting new insights and techniques in building stronger relationships to develop new business, and balancing expectations with multiple accounts.
  • It will deepen your understanding of how your clients perceive you and create a strategy to build even stronger relationships with your customers. One will also be able to build relationships through networking.

Course Purpose

The Customer Relationship Management Program is specially designed for the to provide a broad overview of their role, the sensitivity and importance of customer handling. Moreover, it dwells into the essentials of client servicing skills such as the appropriate communication, grooming and etiquette, as well as handling challenging situations.

Who should attend ?

Front Line/ Supervisory Level/ Middle Management

Course Contents
  1. Impact of Customer Relationship on Business
    • Synchronized roles of various departments in a business
    • Importance of Communication with Internal and External Customers
    • Relationship building with External Customers
    • Profiling the customer / people type 
    • Customer expectations
  2. Personal Transformation to Enhance Personal Interaction •
    • Business Etiquette and Grooming
    • Greeting- what’s expected from a professional representative?
    • Displaying Office Etiquette on Visits
    • Professional attire
    • Business colors and fabrics
    • Hygiene factors
  3. Behavioral Areas
    • Assertiveness
    • Its need and impact on the customer "feel good factor"
    • Balanced Empathetic Approach in handling any customer queries/complaints/ proposing solutions
    • Taking ownership- Owning the role and the situation 

Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course.


2 Days