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Effective energy management is a key issue today for the success of any business. Energy Management System (EnMS) is the solution for same. EnMS can enhance energy efficiency, cut costs and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions as well. ISO 50001 provides strong base for energy management system of your organisation. This standard specifies the requirements for an EnMS to enable your organization to develop and implement an energy policy, identify significant areas of energy consumption and target for reduction in the energy consumption.

It is therefore essential that the people in the organization are having adequate knowledge & skills for developing & effectively implementing an Energy Management System to enhance the energy efficiency.

TUV India Training Academy provides various training programs to achieve the required knowledge & skills among the organization’s employees to achieve its goal of implementing Energy Management System & its integration with other management systems.

The following training courses may be useful :

  • Awareness training programs for senior management teams to drive the implementation of Energy Management System
  • Awareness training programs for the employees at all levels to develop understanding of the requirements of ISO 50001 useful for implementation
  • Internal Auditor training programs to develop a team of internal auditors
  • Training for integration of Energy Management Systems in to other management systems
  • CQI/IRCA registered Auditor/Lead Auditor conversion training courses for developing team of competent Internal/external lead auditors
  • CQI/IRCA registered Auditor/Lead Auditor training courses for developing team of competent Internal/external lead auditors
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