Green House Gas Verification at Organizational Level

A Commitment towards Sustainability

More and More consumers are taking measures against global warming by purchasing goods which are environmental friendly. This is where the certification becomes necessary.

Sustained action - Convincing consumers

Climate change is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century and has a growing influence on consumer behavior. Certification by TUV India enables companies and other organizations who are aware of their environmental responsibilities to document their commitment to climate protection.

Responsible companies are deploying sustainable ways to take voluntary measures to combat global warming over and above their basic legal obligations. Many links in the chain of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, physical changes in the climatic system and their socioeconomic impacts are difficult to quantify. However, financial and policy decision-makers often cannot simply rely on a best guess as to how the future will unfold, and the risks associated with climate change need to be embedded into their policies and strategies.

A Corporate Carbon Footprint provides transparent information to corporate management or to other stakeholders upon which carbon reduction initiatives and investment decisions can be taken. TUV India has the pool of the specialist auditors who have capability and experience in verifying the carbon footprints thereby consolidating the credibility and reassuring the integrity, completeness and transparency of statements that are made. TUV India has been shortlisted by the CDP to become one of their preferred Global Verification Partners.

TUV India has successfully conducted a variety of verifications of carbon footprints for companies, products and events as well as for carbon neutrality. The certification scheme for carbon neutrality includes verification of the carbon footprint as well as the examination of the offset of the verified GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by carbon credits such as reduction certificates from GHG mitigation projects; this enables companies to have their carbon footprint checked, demonstrate the sustainability of their operations through an independent review and document success with a carbon neutral mark of conformity.

TUV India has defined and implemented various standards within the TUV India climate protection services to enable transparent verification procedures. TUV India has been accredited by NABCB for the provision of verifications as per ISO 14064, ISO 14065 and ISO 17029.

Benefits of getting the Carbon Footprint Verified:

  • Verification demonstrates a commitment of being fully transparent and accountable to stakeholders and thus generates even more trust.
  • Verification can differentiate a business from the competition – providing a distinct market advantage – and can therefore open up further business opportunities and markets.
  • Verification provides credibility to prospective buyers and investors, which reduces the risk inherent in the investment and procurement process. This facilitates investment in the business.
  • Verified data increases corporate ranking in CDP’s league table.
  • Verification can align a company‘s business strategy with government policy and regulation, which may be advantageous in applications for government funding support.

What we can do for you :

  • GHG Verification on Organizational Level
  • GHG Verification for Products
  • Certification of Carbon Neutrality
  • Carbon Disclosure Projects

TUV India verification services you gain assurance of climate or sustainability data through third party certification. As a qualified verifier, TUV India brings additional experience and viewpoints into the reporting process. Certification by TUV India enables companies and other organizations that are aware of their environmental responsibilities to document their commitment to climate protection. TUV India verification boosts credibility in information provided to and disclosed by CDP.

Increase in value and savings potentials :

Certification for climate neutrality and the corresponding TÜV NORD test mark demonstrate that a company or organization has a positive approach to sustainability and climate protection. This is particularly attractive to consumers with a high level of environmental awareness. Furthermore, through the monitoring and inspection of emission sources within an organization, certification offers valuable indications of how to lower CO2 emissions; in addition to protecting the environment, this may offer cost-saving potentials.

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