Food Packaging & Food Contact Materials Testing

Food Packaging & Food Contact Materials Testing


Food packaging is one of the most important attributes for ensuring quality of food apart from its processing. Food packaging is very crucial in the sale of foods as they ensure that the quality and freshness of food is kept intact until it reaches the end user. A wide range of materials are used for packaging of food, from glass containers to latest flexible plastic containers. The safety of these containers is of interest to all consumers as these come in direct contact with the food. 

Food contact materials or food packaging materials thus need to be tested for their safety as chemicals are used to produce them. These materials could leach out hazardous chemicals when subjected to various environmental conditions during supply chain. Thus, testing of such materials is crucial for consumer safety.

As per EC guidelines it is mandated that “Any food contact material, including active and intelligent materials and other articles, shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practices so that, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use, they do not transfer their constituents into food in quantities that could:

•    Endanger human health, or
•    Bring about an unacceptable change in food matrix, or
•    Bring an undesirable change in the organoleptic properties of the food

TUV India offers our customers with food packaging testing as per international and national regulatory requirements (EU, US FDA, FSSAI, BIS, etc.).

Latest high end equipment’s and internationally approved methods are used for analysis. We do testing as per global and Indian standards. 

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