Our training services

TUV NORD provide training solutions that are highly applicable to improve and enhance the efficiency and quality of work for the organization/business. Our training topics include:                   

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial management
  • Management systems
  • Productivity Improvement & Quality Improvement                  

Values and benefits to customers

Superiority of program and service

  • A reputable organization of German government
  • Professional and dedicated customer service
  • Training outline and complied curriculum for each organization
  • Quality is ensured by strict lecturer recuitment process, quality management process by TUV NORD Corporation and verified by customer.
  • Detailed final report aims to help organization easily evaluates training quality by the comments of participants as well as easily track activities after training.
  • Diversify courses and organizational form: combine more than 100 training thematics about skill and technique in order to maximise customer requirement in training, consulting product improvement, system, process and human ( skill and techinique)           

Standardization process with 3 differences

  • Research before training ( to understand trainee, leadership expectation, Tuv NORD lecturers not only teach what they know but also can focus on what trainee needs.
  • Complied curriculum for each organization after 2 weeks TNA will analyse status, demand, market reseach, competitor. ...
  • Free consultation, support after training course.

Training expert

  • Thorough pratical experiences, high qualification
  • Approach and communication always aim for application efficiency