Sedex, a non-profit organization,was established with the purpose to improve business ethics and social responsibility in global supply chains.

So far Sedex was the largest collaborative platform, had over 27000 members in 150 countries, across 23 sectors.
Sedex provides online database that allows members to store, share and report in four core sectors:

  • Labor Standard
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethic                    

The benefits when applying Sedex

  • Sedex promotes sharing to reduce paper burden on providers when dealing with many retailers/ customers requiring assessment of social responsibility data. Suppliers can upload assessment result and share with their customers, avoid repetition, administrative procedures, the number of audits to help reduce cost.
  • Sedex committs to continuous improvement of ethical and responsible practices in supply chain
  • Sedex also allows to share good practices at the place of assessment: the assessment can be uploaded, details of the training programs, participating in community and non profit projects, take evaluation report as an example
  • Members of Sedex include the leading global brands and thousands of registered suppliers in more than 150 countries. Member branches are significantly developing every months and an increase in clients who are interested in Sedex               

Why choose us?

  • Global and epofessional team of experts.
  • TUV NORD Vietnam's auditors are experienced (over 10 years) in auditing social standard.