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  3. PPM - Production planning and management software

What is PPM?

PPM stands for Production Planning and Management Software. The software includes two main modules which are desgined and set up for business to computerize the entire operation business process.

This software is related to the main activities of the organization which are the production planning process based on order information, the production capacity of business (people, machines) and technology, the management throughout the production process; and related to the report function of production capacity assessment and process efficiency.

This software is designed and built to take into account the specificity and importance of the Mechanical Industry

Benefits of using PPM

  • Enhance management capacity of organization
  • Manage and report the entire production process
  • Leadership control and evaluation of the condition of the business
  • Control location, origin, quantity, time to use supplies , products precisely
  • Exchange information quickly through Internet, SMS
  • Simple and user-friendly interface                    

Our service - TUV NORD Viet Nam

PPM software - Production planning and management software was developed based on the ability of experienced software developers, managers and audit experts of TUV NORD Viet Nam. This software has been applied successfully in some organizations, especially in engineering industry.

The software will continue to develop in order to help organization manage overall activities by software, promote the computerization process and 4.0 industry. Contact us for more details.