Theme Park and Dangerous Games Safety Inspection

Theme Park and Dangerous Games Safety Inspection

What is theme park and dangerous games safety inspection

In many years, theme parks and dangerous games have been developed by many big corporations in Viet Nam, from North to South, especially in famous tourist attraction areas. These have been a breath of fresh air to both domestic and international travelers. 

Safety for players is invester's top priority, is the foundation for the success of those theme parks

Safety inspection for extreme games and an domestic games by international or European standard is TUV NORD's strong point. We were and are providing services for almost theme parks.
Not only a thorough experience and specialism in dangerous games, but this safety testing service also needs strict implementation process, fully follows all the steps with international standard                    

Benefits when using safety inspection

  • Ensure safety for players
  • Ensure safety for operators
  • Comply domestic laws and international standard
  • Ensure safety and work performance of the game
  • Raise the safety awareness for players as well as operators
  • Maintain image and brand name of investors                  

Our service - TUV NORD Viet Nam

As a leading unit of providing amusement park and extreme game safety testing in Viet Nam. We have domestic and foreign experts that can meet all the requirements from the investors.
We perform this safety testing service with international standard

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