Getting started with ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification costs

Important aspects you should consider while calculating your budget for certification:

The following key costs must be considered;


  • Costs for implementing and maintaining the quality management system
  • Training costs, awareness or internal auditor training for example
  • Certification costs: This direct item ultimately amounts to an average of only 10-20% of the total cost.
  • The cost of closing out non-conformances. Keep this in mind when choosing a certification body .


Please contact TÜV UK Ltd. for any questions or detailed knowledge.

ISO 9001 internal audit

As soon as your business has implemented it’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System it is mandatory to test all parts of the system as ISO 9001 takes place in each step of the value chain.

An ISO 9001 internal audit is a very useful tool to test all elements of the quality system and determine whether everything is correct. Just to be clear an internal audit does not replace an external audit conducted by a third party. An internal audit is carried out by the company.

An external audit is carried out by a Certification Body who awards the ISO 9001 certificate.

Are you ready for the implementation?

Download here our self-assessment checklist and see if you are ready for the ISO 9001 implementation. 

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