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    3. ISO 9001

Nationally and internationally, a Quality Management System as per EN ISO 9001 is the ideal basis for certifying the competence and performance capability of modern companies of all sizes, in all industries. The series of standards are characterized in that they can be implemented regardless of sector - both in the manufacturing & service industries. This results in a consistent approach to quality worldwide.

Certification according to ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT offers the following benefits:

  • Sustainable quality assurance
  • Indication of possibilities for improvement and savings potentials
  • Greater satisfaction of customers and employees
  • Enhanced image
  • Risk minimisation
  • Increased cost-effectiveness through process improvement
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Fulfilment of specific customer requirements
  • Improvement of company’s reputation by ensuring customer trust
  • Can be implemented regardless of sector
  • Worldwide comparability

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