Pie marking of transportable pressure equipment acc. to the requirements of TPED 2010/35/EU

What is TPED?

TPED is an abbreviation for the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive(2010/35/EU), which shall be applied on transportable pressure equipment such as for example pressure receptacles incl. butane gas cartridge and aerosol, tanks, multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs), their valves and other accessories.

Pie marking of transportable pressure equipment (product)

Pie marking is applied to indicate that the transportable pressure equipment is in conformity with the requirements acc. to TPED as ADR (update per every two years). Technical standards listed in the relevant chapter of ADR shall be used for conformity assessment of the transportable pressure equipment.

European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Notified Body (TPED) / Inspection Body (ADR)

As a Notified Body (no. 0045) as well as Inspection Body for conformity assessment and certification, TUV NORD offers comprehensive and competent solution based on the current state of standardization and customer requirements with our authorized experts who have wide and long experiences in TPED/ADR certification for various types of transportable pressure equipment and accessories.