CE marking of pressure equipment acc. to the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU

What is PED?

PED is an abbreviation for the Pressure Equipment Directive(2014/68/EU, old 97/23/EC), which shall be applied on pressure equipment with a maximum allowable pressure (PS) greater than 0.5 bar if it is to be sold within the EU.

The PED covers pressure vessels, piping, pressure accessories and safety accessories as well as assemblies consist of various types of pressure equipment.

CE marking of Pressure Equipment (product)

Pressure equipments are classified under four (4) categories depends on their maximum allowable pressure PS, their volume V or nominal size DN (as appropriate) and their group of fluids for which they are intended.

Then a conformity assessment procedure, which is determined by the category as shown in the following table, shall be applied to an item of pressure equipments.

As the PED only contains essential safety requirements, it is always necessary to supplement it with other suitable harmonized standards such as for example EN 113445 and recognized standard such as ASME and AD 2000.

Modules (PED, Annex II / III)

I= Module A
II = Modules A2, D1, E1
III= Modules B (design type) + D, B (design type) + F,B (production type) + E,B (production type) + C2, H
IV= Modules B (production type) + D,B (production type) + F, G, H1

Manufacturer Approval (PED Annex 1 para. 4.3 및 AD 2000 W0)

Qualification of manufacturer’s QA system for the material used for main pressure bearing parts of a pressure equipment is described in the paragraph 4.3 of PED Annex 1.

The W series of AD 2000 apply to metals for use in different product forms (e.g. plate, strip, tubes, etc.) for the manufacture of pressure-bearing components of pressure vessels, and the W0 stipulates the requirements for manufacturer’s QA system for these materials.

Notified Body

As a Notified Body (no. 0045) for conformity assessment and certification, TUV NORD offers comprehensive and competent solution based on the current state of standardization and customer requirements with our authorized experts who have wide and long experiences in PED certification – especially in plant level.